yes,it is tasty

-Our chef specializes in preparing authentic foods that will stimulate your taste buds to their limits. Since everyone has different limits, tell your waiter how spicy you would like your dish prepared.

*** (Comes with Jasmine Rice) **


901. Rainbow $11.99
Stir fried mixed fresh cut vegetables in light brown sauce.
902. Thai Garden $11.99
 Steamed mixed Fresh cut Vegetables served with our homemade peanut sauce.
903. Tofu delight $12.99
Steamed fresh cut firm tofu topped with sautéed mixed Fresh cut Vegetables in light brown sauce.
904. Tofu Eggplant Delight $12.99
Fried firm Tofu Sautéed with eggplants, mixed Fresh cut Vegetables and basil leaves in chef’s special sauce.
905. Crispy Vegetable Gardenspices
Sautéed Crispy Glazed soy pieces with mixed Fresh cut Vegetables in chef’s special lightly spicy sauce.
                                   spicesspicesspicesspicesspicesHOT AND SPICY CAN BE OMITTED UPON REQUEST   Download Menu ToGo